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  1. Grand Theft Auto House Star Star Three Lack of First Delta Special Forces
    V2.1 Official client "
    " Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit 2) RIP
    "Football Mogul 2007) [BIN] N "Runaway 2: The Dream of the TURTLE) cracked version/update correction [ISO]
    " Mount

  2. The Three Kingdoms Games:
    The Three Kingdoms Warfare 1,2, Three Sword Saint, the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms (arcade)
    The Three Kingdoms Warriors 2,3,4
    Difficulty, I personally think that it is the most fun in the Three Kingdoms series.)
    The Three Kingdoms 3,4,5,7,8,10, 11
    Cao Cao Biography of the Three Kingdoms
    The Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1,2,3 (game of the same name)
    This of the Three Kingdoms
    Liu Bei Chuan
    Teblon -blooding Three Kingdoms n Ao Shi Three Kingdoms
    The Biography of the Three Kingdoms 1,2,4,5,6

    Warring States Games:
    Titian Xinxuan 1,2 (very difficult, but also very interesting)
    The shogunate general (the scene is very spectacular war game)
    Tokugawa Ieyasu
    The Warring States Period 1,2
    Tegang Li Zhi Chuan 3,4,5
    nThe people in the world
    The decisive battle 1,2,3
    Ghoga martial arts
    Xun Changyan
    , 4
    Teon Nobunaga

    The Warring States Girl 1,2

    Other games:
    I heroes invincible 3,4,5
    The war zone 1942 secret weapon (if you play more, you can play single player)
    Emperor (old game)
    The jihad group 1,2 (a bit like a hero invincible)
    Warcraft hegemony 3
    TVCC n red warning 1,2
    , Journey to the West 1,2, King of Fighters 97,98, Street Fighter (arcade)
    n Seven -year War
    The unity of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
    The era of great sailing 2,3,4
    Xianjian 1, Xuanyuan Sword 3 outer biography (Tianzhi)
    Angel Empire 3
    The ultimate assassin 2,3,4
    Jin Yong Qunxiazhuan

  3. Recommend a few games that have been played by yourself. I feel classic games.

    f.e.a.r (Super Energy Special Police Group) (If you like FPS games, don't miss the game)
    Three times, I want to play again)
    Devil May Cry 3 (when I am angry, play this game to vent)
    The ghost martial arts 3 (can play Jincheng Wu and let Renault addicted)
    (忠告:最好不要晚上一个人玩)rn伊苏(ARPG游戏中的王者)rn英雄传说系列(我想现今PC游戏上没有哪款RPG游戏能超越它)r N Double Star Story (Super Classic Q version ARPG game)
    Grandia 2 (the game's battle series is the biggest highlight)
    cell division 4 (game with the highest requirements for hardware)

    introduced these first, the others couldn't think of it for a while.

  4. Category introduction:
    rpg: Diablo Destroyer. Xuanyuan Sword Series, Xianjian Qi Xia Ching series, Perak Chi Man Biography
    Strategy: Warcraft, interstellar hegemony, red alert RPG map)
    business category: theme hospital, roller coaster tycoon, a rich man series
    arcade category: King of Fighters. Violence storm, horsepower, electrical essence series, western denim
    n first introduce these, see Suitable for you. QQ; 408015224 can discuss the game together
    The professional game enthusiasts@@

  5. Call of Duty 4 5 6 7 8 series, Devil May Cry 3 4 series cell division 5 Diablo Battlefield 3 is about to launch global mission Dark Blood Talent 2 Devil May Cry 5 Mission Call 9

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