5 thoughts on “Can pet dogs be performed by parent -child identification?”

  1. Pet dogs can be performed by parent -child identification, but the results of professional pet hospital identification are accurate. However, I personally feel that there is no need for this. Unless the dog's dog is not seen outside, there is a relationship with the dogs of someone else's family. In fact, you can also discuss these puppies together.

  2. Can pets be performed for parent -child identification? Of course, pet dogs can be performed by parent -child identification, but you can do pet dog's parent -child identification if you have the conditions, because the results of the appraisal also require funds.

  3. Pet dogs can also be performed by parent -child identification, but this cost is not low. Previously, a dog also had a dog to do parent -child identification, which can be detected like people.

  4. Yes, find a parent -child appraisal center in the local area to do an appraisal. There are also parent -child identification that requires the blood of the mother and the child or the hair with hair follicles. You can call 114 to check whether the local appraisal center is

  5. Zhengfu testing can also be performed. My hairy child has given him a identification here. Relatively speaking, I am relatively satisfied with the speed of appraisal here, and the identification results are more accurate.

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