Which of the pet hospital in Panjinxing Longtai District is good? And the price is reasonable!

3 thoughts on “Which of the pet hospital in Panjinxing Longtai District is good? And the price is reasonable!”

  1. I feel that Jiahe Pet Hospital is good ....
    has nothing good ....
    Jiahe pet hospital is also available ....
    . My dog ​​has dogs and plague Heat is cured there .... I feel that it is okay ...
    The is the one behind the Ziyuan Community, don't go ...
    The my friend's dog is almost not cured there!

  2. Cui Nan's goodness is not good. First of all, the feeling of not hygienic, mainly because it is not formal. For example, the diagnosis and treatment of the disease are casual, not rigorous → once I went to this house, to see the dog's dog, I had to get an injection at the dog's neck. I didn't think much about the trust,
    This, my dog's neck was bulging in a very large bag. I want to have a short time with the injection interval, and the potion cannot absorb a good relationship with a great relationship. In short, Jiahe is not professional.
    This is good. Doctors will only be in the heart.
    This bag is the only accidental pain in my dog's most sinned. It has been raised for a long time. Remember, after getting up this package, we went to Jiahe to ask, Jiahe's so -called doctor's face was relaxed, unwilling or even smiling, and excitedly said what to pull out the bag. consternation. Pumping is not in Jiahe! Anyway, we dare not take the dog to this Jiahe. Seeing a lot of reviews of Jiahe, I really dare not agree.

  3. Try not to go to the hospital. There is a pet shop on the first floor of the small disease to the drilling market. She is free to see a doctor.

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