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  1. The poodle has black, blue -gray, gray, silver, brown, coffee apricot and creamy, and the same color will have different depths. Usually the hair of the ears and neck is darker. The same color of the whole body is the top product, but the natural depth of the hair color is not considered a defect. Brown and brown poodles usually have liver brown nose, orbital, lips, dark toenails and dark amber eyes.
    The black, blue -gray, gray, silver, creamy, dark blue and white poodles usually have black nose, orbits and lips, toenails and dark eyes with black or true colors. The apricot dogs have the above colors. If it is liver brown nose, orbits, lips, and amber eyes, it is no longer the top grade. The main defects: the colors of the nose, lips, and orbital; or the colors of these parts are inconsistent with the color of the dog. Miscellaneous dogs will be eliminated. The so -called mixed color is that the hair color on it is not uniform and consistent, but consists of two or more colors.

  2. Hybrid dog-string! (Category of hybrid dogs-not the name of the dog breed) If anyone can tell you what this string is, it is flickering you! Involved in genetic inheritance! Many things can't be seen! No matter what the string of string (the name of the purebred dog's name is not approved as a reference, there is no relative market evaluation, which does not have the meaning of purebred reproduction). It just represents itself! Its destiny!
    It what is like saying what is or what dog is doing what dog vendors do! Do not continue this kind of irresponsible dog vendor behavior ...

    Human breeding dogs have today's diversification (artificial rather than natural-for example, shepherds need dogs to help shepherds and sheep and sheep Hunters need dogs to help hunter to watch the home care home to cultivate some fierce and sturdy guard type dog species, etc.)! The birth of a dog species is the choice of human directional selection (the most common method of science) and finally stabilize the nature of the dog species (the body proportional structure character is fixed) and then recognizes the name of purebred dogs and related to the dog industry organization Breeding background and breeding requirements!

    The concept of modern purebred breeding is to stabilize their breed characteristics and prevent dog breed diseases! Instead of mixing at will! Various unstable factor dogs! Not some people say that the string is healthy than purebred dogs! This is completely unaware of some people in China! The result of the unscrupulous approach of some people! It is not the concept of purebred breeding .. We can respect the skewers of life! But we should not flood this kind of thinking to flood these proliferation phenomena ... (I do n’t know what dogs you can grow long, long, and long-character. Sadly) The body structure of the hybrid dogs that are not in the same proportion and unconnected system will have serious problems! The existence of severe distortion and other problems ... So the abandoned hybrid dogs have the most (this is the reason to promote purebred reproduction --- but understand the reason for purebred breeding)

    The popular science video "The Sadness of Pure Breed Dogs" does not say that string is stronger than purebred dogs! The content explains that the cultivation of purebred dogs should not blindly pursue some characteristic cultivation and ignore the health of the dog (pursuing some characteristic cultivation and ignoring the health of dogs in itself, it is against purebred breeding understanding)! For string -the overall summary of the hybrid dog is not the name of the dog breed! There are various instability factors! So it is impossible for anyone to do this to conclude! (What can be studied is that dog breeds are not the generals of dogs)

    News, let alone dogs should not be divided! No one who knows in the minds of the owner! However, it is natural to distinguish the breeding of purebred breeding as an excellent breeding! (In the dog exhibition competition, the excellent breeding dogs are selected for breeding --- Of course this also has a relative business nature, but it is undeniable that the understanding of purebred dog breeding guides people's cognitive attitude towards the correct and scientific attitude of dogs) (however Pure breed reproduction is still very blind and blind! So it is used by many people with bad intentions) (the reproduction of not made according to the requirements of the organization is not a purebred breeding! Which organization is required by the organization to make
    It, not to mention that developed countries have no prejudice against strings! (First of all, the concept of purebred dog cultivation is foreign things! Then the breeding pet dogs in developed countries must apply for relevant certificates and get some dog industry organizations-so not easily appear hybrid dogs! In addition, urban dogs in developed countries are required Sterilizer-another level reduces the possibility of hybridization)

    The concept of the original pairing dog in my country (hunting dog-hunting dog barking dog-house dogs It is the blood of black dogs outside the concept of meat dogs-Tu Zhi. There are only a few dignitaries that are owned by a very small number of officials (the most famous is Cixi-but there is no purebred breeding concept). Looking at the words of dogs with dogs in my country's extensive and profound Chinese culture are almost not very good! Express a contempt for dogs! If it is not in modern western dog industry inflows, there will be no changes ...

    The summary do not only see the difference between others and do things! I want to see someone else and their own shortcomings ...

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