How much is a purebred golden hair dog cub in Panjin area in Liaoning? Intersection

The purebred golden retriever (if it is produced by a dog field, it is best to have parents' photos and dog permits).

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  1. Now the price of dogs and pet dogs is generally high, ranging from 30 to 10,000. For ordinary dogs, it will be between 1000--3000. Of course, this is the price of purebred dogs. The impure price is naturally difficult to say. If the landlord wants to buy a dog, purebred, I can tell you how to buy it, let you take less detours. Don't go to the dog market first, remember! The dog market will die in general. Second, pet shops are generally very expensive. Third, it is not credible online. So it is best to buy it directly. I told you how I bought it. First of all, I went to check some common sense of Golden Retriever, how to choose, because the golden retriever knowledge I know is that the truth is unprofessional, and you can easily be attracted by the two sentences of selling dogs. Looking here first, all of them are raising golden retriever. I studied the golden retriever and studied the BBS.CHINAPET/ShowForum-47. After the research, I went to Dog.chinapet/ Pure breed dogs, you look for the golden retriever dog house, and then there are general descriptions of photos and dog habits. You can choose a dog house and chat with the owner of the dog, tell you, you can have the owner of several dogs. Talk, who's dogs look good, the price is suitable for you to choose, they all have their own websites. Selecting them will give you an empty past, you can rest assured, and they are very responsible for the dogs. They will also help you after buying home. Now my golden retriever, Husky, and Bian Mu are selected from here, all of which are very good. You can find it yourself, and you can find it yourself. Hehe, I hope it will be helpful to you. After buying, send a photo to the Golden Retriever's professional club, let me see it too. You first understand some golden retriever's knowledge, then choose your favorite dog house, and then choose the dogs you like in the dog. This will not suffer. Mainly, purebred dogs, and there are guarantees. All three dogs in my family bought this way. If the landlord buys Su Mu, you can go directly to the Su Mu Forum first, and then go to the dog to buy it. Ha ha. I hope it will be helpful to the original poster

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