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  1. The puppy is officially checked! With the preparations before, the owners are confident, but the growth and development of dog baby from 3 to 6 months is the fastest. Many things such as changing teeth, rapid growth, establishment of the initial family rules, etc. ~ 8 -month -old dogs start to mature. Men and dogs have to lift their legs NN. The female dog comes for the first holiday ... Taking care of these half -big dogs is also a great test of the dog owner! Come and learn!

    The puppy who just left his parents and siblings, felt scared and lonely, and it was the nature of the dog. At this time, you should prepare enough food and water to prepare a warm and comfortable nest or cushion for it. Use your soft old clothes to put it on it. You can also put some hot water bags or alarm clocks. You can see where you (such as the bedside, the bedroom wall) at any time, which can reduce its fear. If it is still barking, don't let you turn on the lights to comfort you, and comfort it twice. After a few days, it will naturally be quiet.

    In order to prevent it from scaring the name, many owners simply holding it to sleep in bed together. "Dog Fans" does not advocate this approach. The new puppy may not be clean and there are parasites, which is not sanitary. And puppies will not urinate, maybe NNBB on your bed. Moreover, it is difficult to ask it to return to the nest after developing such a habit, which is not conducive to future training. Once the habit of sticky people is developed, dogs are easily used to be used to be bad, and there may be "separation of anxiety", which is not conducive to the development of puppies physical and mental development.

    If feeding

    A probably puppy in this period is naturally "starving to death", as if the stomach is a bottomless hole. Poorly looked at the owner. So some soft -hearted owners couldn't help it. They were afraid of being hungry. As a result, they misunderstood the baby. They brailized the baby. For dogs of this age, eating less meals is the most basic principle. Don't be confused by its "starving ghost"! Generally, there will be detailed feeding watches on the packaging bags of dog food, which can be fed according to the age and weight of puppies.

    It another situation is: some dogs with introverted personality do not eat or drink water when they first entered the door. Don't worry too much, because it is just scared. If you do n’t eat, you can mix very little puppies in dog food. Remember to have less. If you do n’t drink water, you can drink it with your hands. While feeding, touching and comforting gently. If it is because of picky food and not eating dog food, then give food regularly every day. After 15 minutes, take it away regardless of whether you eat or not. Do not give it anything during the period. When I put food for the second time, I continued to take away without eating within 15 minutes, so repeated. The puppy won't be up to the point where he is joking with his own life. When you give it, it will learn from it, and you must eat it immediately. Can.

    It puppies should not eat the soaked dog food after 3 months, because the hardness of dog food is very good for teeth health, which can prevent oral diseases such as dogs and periodontitis. happened. It can also alleviate discomfort during the teeth to a certain extent. Don't feed meat foods within half a year old, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

  2. 1. First of all, confirm that you have love and can take care of the dog's life.
    The livelihood of a dog's life span is only ten years. Compared with people, it is actually very short. So to raise a dog, you have to take the responsibility of these decade.
    2. Confirm that you have time to take care of a puppy
    Due to the weak gastrointestinal and intestines, a small amount of meals must be fed with a small amount of meals. The average time is fed every 6 or 4 hours, which tests your time. You need to communicate more with dogs to raise dogs.
    3. Confirm that you have the patience and take care of a puppy
    The you must be patient with the time and fixed point of the dog. These will be very patient.
    4. The whole family must agree with dogs
    This dogs grow growing up, increased activity, increase over expenses, grow loud, and increase? Family people are afraid of noisy, dirty, or even dogs, or hairy allergies to dogs; they will affect important issues that you can continue to raise dogs.
    5, children and dogs, which one do you choose?
    m's ideas and concepts, they will think that dogs are quite dangerous animals, will it bring unpredictable dangers to their baby grandson? They still believe that the dog's body hair will have a lifelong impact on the trachea of ​​the newborn baby? These must be considered.
    6. You have to have financial ability to raise dogs
    , although a healthy dog ​​does not need to spend money. However, the expenses that have been raised more every month after raising dogs are not a small number. The basic food expenses of the dog, toys, snacks, and preventing needle injection.

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