1 thought on “How to raise pet dogs, can calm down and read books and learn”

  1. 1. Adjust the mentality. If you do n’t pay much attention to learning and relax your state, it is important to adjust your mindset. Do n’t treat learning as a burden. You suggest that you read books and do exercises. study.
    2. Set a plan for yourself, what you want to see every day, how much, how much you accept, how much you can master, and more detailed, if you can't reach it, you will punish yourself. of.
    3. Control your desire to surf the Internet and play with your mobile phone. The most inseparable is the mobile phone now. If you don't look at it for a few minutes, we can't sit still. If you go to the self -study room, you must not bring your computer. You can bring your phone. Put your phone in front of your eyes and remind yourself not to play your phone. You can only watch when you have a phone or text message.

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