3 thoughts on “My family is in the countryside and wants to raise dogs. Ask those who sell dogs!”

  1. Seeing that you want to engage in dog breeding, if you are interested, contact the information
    1 Satsuma, Husky, VIPs, Labrador, Golden Retriever, and Bear. Each variety is best to raise one group, one -time six mothers, or there is no male dog breeding
    3 The best grains in the grains of grains. , Small, coronary virus. The nursery of enteritis and other diseases generally requires 3 stitches at 30 yuan per needle
    5 The main dogs do not get sick during the puppies period. nIs to communicate with me

  2. 1. The price of each dog in different periods is different. This year, small dogs are popular. Large dogs may be popular next year, so it is not possible to determine what kind of variety is easy to make money.
    2. If you are the purpose of making money and profitability, then two, otherwise you have to find a breeding dog. If you just like dogs for personal hobbies, it is best to raise one.
    3. Generally feeding dog food, you also need to eat calcium tablets for calcium supplement.
    4. The dogs you usually buy back have been vaccinated by the second second couplet, so you can ask how big you buy it, and in 50 days to vaccinate the four or five or six united. Different places are different in different places. , Also need to be inoculated rabies

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