How to cut off the tail, what should I pay attention to when I was born?

How many days after birth? How to operate ???

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  1. It is best to be performed within one week after birth. Because at this time, the perception of the caninetail is not sensitive, the bones are very soft, and it is easy to cut off. After the broken tail, the amount of bleeding is small, and the mother spring can be obtained. At the same time, dogs are not stimulated by broken tails, affecting the development of their psychological and wisdom. The method of breaking the tail is: first use the bandage to stay at the root of the tail, then cut the hair cutting of the cutting part, and then cut the tail with sharp scissors, then burn the hemostasis and disinfect it. Broken tails are generally required that the faster the operation, the better, the surgical department is mostly 1/3 on the tail, that is, 2/3 of the full tail length.

    M or a kind of skills and courage to use the hemostatic clamp from the disconnection. First of all, it is completed before the dog's nervous nerves have not been fully formed. Use the hematopoietic pliers to pinch the dog's tail (that is, the parts you want to remove, usually in the second section of the tail root) and then clamp the hematopoietic tongs (the hematopoietic pliers are fixed with a fixed buckle, it will not loosen) Do not forget it) Don't forget To wipe disinfection with alcohol or iodine at the root of the dog, then use fast and profitable surgical scissors (this stuff may not be easy to buy, you can buy a well -branded hardware -specific oblique tong, remember that you must be sure to be sure New and disinfected with alcohol) then "fast" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Specifies "to click the excess tail !! Then use hemostatic powder (many pet shops are sold, Please apply the hematopoietic powder before cutting the tail to make the water into thick and thick). Apply it to the wound (at this time the hematopoietic tongs are not released), and after about 15 minutes, you can feel that the blood of the wound is not rushing. Let go of the hemostatic pliers (if the dogs are only to save time, you may have to prepare a lot of antibody antibody). The daily care in the future is to apply "iodine" disinfection spray "Berry" to prevent infection (remember to avoid avoid The bitch licks the puppy wound to avoid infection. Do not believe that the dog can disinfect and sterilize this set of ghost words). The entire surgery process depends on your proficiency and "cruel". The dog is healed

    If the rules of the erase of rubber bands, it is relatively simple, prepare a gas core sorcular or rubber band (then to wipe the disinfection with alcohol or iodine at the tail root of the dog, Then tie it with rubber bands (this is to force the blood to cause muscle necrosis to cause blood to be unable to circulate, so please try it yourself to bind it. Don't be too loose, otherwise you can abandon it before) so that you only need to wipe some iodine to disinfect at the ligation place every day. If the method is about 5 days, the tail will fall off. It can be disinfected with a little disinfection

    The Yunnan white medicine belongs to anti -woven ammonia does not stop bleeding (for activation and recovery cell tissue)

    If you want to practice, it is best to understand the key to the key. Broken tail surgery! This is safer!

  2. Do not use scissors ~
    This is a bit ~
    as if it is a broken tail for the deer dog ~

    It can't pass the tail that will be automatically broken.
    Man can not go to the hospital or so bloody ~

  3. Pay attention to disinfection. Under the immunity of the newborn puppy itself, disinfect it with diluted iodine. Note that the puppy can hurt the puppy
    n, it can hurt, fix it.

    If there is no relevant experience before, it is recommended to send it to a professional place for cutting off.:) ^^

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