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  1. Many people now encounter a lot of troubles and pressures. They have nowhere to vent, so they can only be buried in their hearts. Actually. This problem is very easy to solve. We only need to go to the pet shop to buy a dog back and let it accompany us. We will tell it that we will be more comfortable. These five breeds of dogs are most suitable for raising at home, and they have a lot of fun.
    The first type: Teddy
    The energy of this dog is very vigorous, they no longer play with fun. Moreover, Teddy looks very good -looking and small. If the owner is unhappy, he can hold it out and walk, and naturally he will become happy. Another thing is that its body is small, so it is not much to eat, which is very suitable for office workers to raise.
    The second type: Golden Retriever
    Peremia will be hurt, and the heart will become sad. At this time, it is best to raise a golden retriever. It is the warmest existence in the dog world. Maybe it will hold you, touch your head, and comfort you. After all, even a beast such as a leopard will like them, let alone your office workers.

    Third type: Fa Dou
    Among the small dogs, there are few good temper. Teddy is one of them, but it is not the best temper. Essence The best -tempered little dog is Fa Dou, they are hardly angry, and they will not disturb the owner to do things. All in all, they are very suitable for raising at home and will never bother you.
    The fourth type: Shiba Inu
    Thai Inu and Erhatai, but Erha is too troublesome, office workers cannot control, Shiba Inu is different. Although they are noisy, they will be noisy when they are playing outside. They are still very good at home, and they will do a lot of interesting things.
    The fifth type: Labrado
    If you want to raise a particularly human dog, it is best to raise it. It is a very smart dog, and it can also help you do a lot of things. More importantly, it is human. When you know that you are unhappy, they will run over to comfort you.

  2. There are the following choices suitable for raising at home: the first: suitable for children at home
    . If there are young children or children in the family, raising Labrador, Golden Retriever or Satsuma. These kinds of dogs are gentle and like to play with children. And such dogs like sports, they can accompany the children to go crazy. If you cannot raise medium -large dogs in cities, you can raise small dogs, such as teddy.
    The second type: a dog that is suitable for apartments
    The is important to keep dogs quiet. Due to the room structure of the apartment, it is not suitable for breeding medium large dogs. Therefore, Yorkshire or Bullf Dog and Sherry are very suitable.
    The third type: The home family
    If the owner likes to be at home, rarely goes out, I just want the dog to watch TV with the owner at home and play the game. Bagol, French bullfighting, and Malzis are the perfect choice. These kinds of dogs can accompany the master for a day at home without noisy or noisy.

    The fourth type: a dog suitable for the elderly
    The elderly people in the family, and the children are not at home all year round. You can choose the Alaries, the deer dog, and the string. This kind of dog is very close to others, not noisy or noisy, and gentle personality. It is very suitable for the elderly to raise. But this small dog is easy to be fat, don't overly love.

    The type Fifth type: Suitable for the first dog
    If it is the first dog raising dog, then Teddy is the best choice, of course, there are Labrador, Golden retriever. These dogs are smart, gentle, easy to get along, easy to train, and make the owner more worry -free.

    The sixth type: People who are easy to allergic

    It's not that you can't raise dogs in this life. But if you are a very easy -going person, you can choose dogs that are not easy to get rid of hair, such as Sherry or poodle. These dogs rarely lose hair and dander.

    The is actually suitable for you. The above are several kinds of dogs and suitable for the crowd, according to your suitable choice.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, thank you for your patience ~ I'm glad to answer it for you! In fact, many pet dogs are very suitable for family support, such as lively and active poodles. Its IQ is still very high. Both character and adaptability are very good. If there is a relatively large yard in the home, the border shepherd is also recommended in this case, and the IQ of the border shepherd is also very high.nThere are many types of large dogs suitable for raising. However, if you want a more friendly pet dog, you can choose golden retriever. The character of golden retriever is still very lively and cute. In the usual performance, it is not only reliable but also very friendly. Secondly, the German shepherd is also a very good choice. It can accompany family members very well, and the ability to see the home nursing home is also very good. In addition, you can also choose a big white bear dog. This kind of pet dog not only has a high value, but also has a very calm personality. It is also very gentle and friendly when getting along with people.

  4. If your home is a building, I suggest that you choose the following standards when choosing a dog
    1: Small volume
    2: The body tastes light
    3: Gentle personality, barking less.
    4: Rarely fell
    I I think toy VIPs (teddy bear VIPs) and small VIPs are the most in line with the above requirements, as long as you are willing to pay the regular beauty costs of VIPs (because they are almost not almost not Drop of hair, so they go to the store to build a hairs on a regular basis). They rarely lose hair, which is also a type of lightness in the dog. As for Chihuahua, I personally do not recommend you to raise it. Although they are the smallest in the dog, they are easy to get sick, and it is very easy to be scared. It will have a bad impact on your neighbor. The problem of Bomeng is easy to lose hair, and likes to bark like Chihuahua.
    If your home is living with a villa with a yard, I think you are good at raising Scottish Shepherds. Su Mu is now very common in China and the price will be more affordable. Because of the docile personality, it will not cause too much trouble for others. Generally, just look at home. I have a German animal husbandry. Smart is clever, that is, neighbors (and their dogs) are scared. As for Husky, Satsuma is a dog breed produced in a very cold area. If you live in the north, it is okay to live in the south of the Yangtze River, then I advise you not to raise it. They will be pitiful in the summer, unless you reasons for your reasons. It was air -conditioned for them all over the weather. Moreover, the gorgeous species of the northern dogs will be greatly reduced after living in the south for a while. As for the ancient shepherd dog, I advise you not to raise it. Someone in our villa area raised this dog. As a result, I had to find someone to serve it specifically. Its hair was too difficult to take care of it, especially in summer, the hair under the mouth was saliva, yellow, to be honest. And as far as I know, the life expectancy of Gu Mu is also very short in the dog. It is a long life to live for 10 years. If you like short -haired varieties, you can consider Labrador and Great Dan dogs. Labrador will be very naughty when he was a kid. It needs to be tuned for energy. As for Datan, although the body is very huge, it is indeed more literary, but the amount of food is the amount of food. More amazing, prepare for psychological preparations.
    Sews remind the original poster that now in the city, you cannot raise German herds, Rowa, Tibetan mastiff, if you raise it, it will be very troublesome to apply for a dog certificate.
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    The space is more suitable for your home. The small dogs with good dogs are more docile, but it will not cause these beautiful Satsuma dogs to be boring and disturbing their own space even if they are lively. The owner's consciousness is not strong, and when I was a kid, I was more destructive and the ancient shepherd. Recently, I like it. Recently, I like Du Leji advertisement. Let ’s talk about it. No matter which dog you choose, you must carefully.

  5. Look at your environment. If the range of activities in the family is limited, you can raise a smaller person, and the personality is more docile. Fa Dou, Benge, Corgi are good. If the range of activity is relatively large, you can raise Teddy ), Labrador, Golden Retriever, Chow Chow; if you like high -profile appearance, Bianpu, Disassenger 3 Silly (Samoyed, Alaska, Husky) can also be

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