5 thoughts on “How is the rope of the puppy”

  1. 1. First prepare the rope for use.

    2, and then open the hardware buckle and plastic buckle on the dog rope in order.

    3. Open the traction part to horizontal, like a horizontal number 8.

    4. Stand the two forelimbs of the dog into the hole shown below.

    5, stuck the plastic buckle and hardware buckle, so that the dog rope is set.

    6, when the dog wears a traction rope too large or too small, use the buckle on the side to adjust.

    7, the last dog rope is tied, see the figure below.

  2. Put the rope on the puppy's first 2 feet and necks, so that the puppy will not be stabbed due to excessive force.
    It is best to use a dog chain with a chest strap. One is that it will not strangle, and the other is that if a dog can only take it out with a neck case, it is recommended to try not to be tied at home. The place also unbuttoned the dog to let the run away, and the dog's temper will be very bad.

  3. If the puppy, if you must tie the rope, it is recommended to use a backpack type, and don't tie it too tightly.

    's collar, not recommended, puppy is not too much, sometimes it hurts itself.

    If you don't want to run around, you can consider buying a cage, which is better than tie.

  4. The dog rope is sold in the pet shop
    generally hung the collar around the dog's neck
    when you go out, put on the rope

    . If lz wants to use the root rope bolt, Finally thicker, put it in the neck
    , but this is very troublesome

    The cheap 3,4 fast money in the pet shop to buy

    On the leg, there is a horizontal diamond -shaped, and there is a string in the middle of the rope. Put the dog's two front legs in separately, and then buckle it.

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