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  1. When the puppy is prolapsed, the owner first needs to ensure its normal diet, and only nutrition keeps your body faster. Then, the owner needs to use warm saline to help the puppy clean the anal part every day, apply hemorrhoid ointment at the same time, and feed the anti -inflammatory drugs for the puppy. And if the puppy is severely prolapsed or has no effect after treatment, it is recommended that the owner send the puppy for medical treatment.
    1. Normal eating
    When the puppy is prolapsed, the owner is also best to ensure that the puppy eats normally. If the puppy does not eat, the nutrition will not keep up, and the body will be more difficult to recover. At the same time, due to the poor physical condition, the immunity of puppies will decrease. The owner is best to feed puppy to eat some nutritious and easy -to -digest foods, such as minced meat porridge and small fish porridge.
    2. Disinfection medication
    The owner can clean the puppy's prolapse of the puppy with warm salt water every day. This is also a disinfection process. Each time you clean it, add an appropriate amount of salt to the warm water, soak the puppy's prolapse of the anal, until the water is about to cool down. After soaking, use a cotton swab dipped in hemorrhoid ointment, and gently apply it to the puppy's anal part for treatment.
    3. Take anti -inflammatory drugs
    Soliner puppies should also take anti -inflammatory drugs at the same time when using in vitro medicine, and take about a week in a row. After a week, the puppy's prolapse can be cured. However, if the puppy has a serious anal prolapse or has no effect after receiving treatment, the owner is best to bring the puppy to the pet hospital for a comprehensive system.

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