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  1. Tost of vomiting is relatively small, and it is not the most effective. The reason for eliminating vomiting is the best treatment. The most commonly used drugs are as follows: 1. Tyoxopramine, also known as metharine hydrochloride, has two forms: oral and injection. Not only has the central abolition effect, but it can also promote gastric emptying. It is suitable for vomiting caused by various reasons, excluding vomiting caused by intestinal obstruction. 2. Ades Joan, Angdan Siqiong, etc.

  2. Hello friends, dogs vomit. There is no need to take any medicine at first. Because the dogs are not very comfortable when they are, it spit it out, and then its stomach will be better, and it will eat slowly. If it is not very good. Then you have to give it some B6 and give him some anti -inflammatory drugs. If you still do n’t see it, then you should go to the pet clinic immediately to seek medical treatment.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer you hello, subcutaneous or muscle injection and spit vomiting: the medicine and usage are used, stop vomiting, 0.5 to 2 ml each time, 2 times a day; stomach rehabilitation, 10 to 20 mg each time; 0.04 ml of weight per kilogram; Ermaer, 1 to 2 ml each time, twice a day; hydrochloric acid (or compound) chloropyrazine, 1 to 2 ml per kilogram of weight, twice a day. Oral salt salt: If the sick dog is unwilling to drink itself, you can also submit for mandatory service, and you can also use gastric pipes to invest. Intravenous tonic: that is, the body fluid is directly supplemented by intravenous injection. This generally requires the veterinarian or veterinarian caregiver to determine what fluid, the amount and speed of the infusion, etc.n, Stop Tu Spirit, 0.5 to 2 ml each time, 2 times a day;

  4. What should I do if dog vomiting? How to prevent and treat?
    The causes of vomiting of dogs. Before the specific reasons are not determined, the shoveling officers should not be anxious. First of all, fasting for a day, but water must be prepared to observe whether it improves the next day. If the dog stops vomiting after stopping feeding, you can feed the dog some light and digestible foods, such as a small piece of chicken, and can also be paired with dog feeding probiotics. But note that during this time, it is recommended to feed only 1/2 of the food to prevent discomfort.
    Is that the dog's vomiting does not improve after a day of dispersion, and it will still vomit and even have a poor mental condition. Then it is probably determined that the dog's condition is a bit serious. Small vertex viruses of enteritis type are vomiting in dog diseases that are susceptible to infection and a slightly high mortality.

  5. How big dogs, if the puppy minds, let's get an injection. If you are not serious, you can eat some gastrointestinal treasure probiotics.

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