Where to go and walk the dog, it’s best to do it like thank you

It turns out that you can walk on the wall of the poetry. Now there are no pets there. Where should you overcome it? My Changde

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  1. Golden hair dogs (details introduction)
    This dog walking dogs are the most common things. Whether you raise large dogs or small dogs, pet dogs or rural dogs, they will bring out walking every day. In fact, dogs also yearn for life. So where should I take a dog to take a walk?
    First of all, the most common place is the community where it lives. The dogs are trapped on the road to walk a few laps, which are very good walks. Of course, there may be more people and dogs in the community in the morning and evening, and there will be some vehicles in the same way. Therefore, you must pull the traction rope to take a walking walk to keep the dogs be kept by your side at any time.
    It every morning and evening walking dogs in the community always see many parents who also take their own dogs and dogs to walk around. Parents who have just raised dogs may also worry about where to walk with dogs to walk. In fact, there are still many places where dogs take a dog in life.
    Secondly, you can also go to some large parks with a dog. There are large grasslands there, and dogs can jump and run. Of course, the parks that do not allow dogs to enter can not go. The owner can take the dogs to the parks that allow the dogs to enter. Of course, taking a dog in the park must do a good job of health and environmental protection. If the dog is stool, you should also pick up and throw it into the trash bin in time. Pay attention to keeping the park's sanitary environment.
    The leisure time, you can also take dogs to large parks. Due to the spacious venues, the dogs can guide the dogs to do some running and jumping movements. Keep the dog feel comfortable, breathe fresh air, and feel the good atmosphere of the outside world.

  2. The state stipulates that the park can not walk the dog. Is there any boring vision in the community with a traction rope and walking the dog.

  3. In fact, walking dogs is also very particular, and dogs' breathing is also very important. It is absolutely impossible to bring chocolate upstairs. Chocolate is a fatal poison for dogs. I love dogs in the universe. I saw in Baidu Tieba in the association. This is a very good association. If you are a dog lovers, you can go to it to find out. Ah, I'm going to post it ~

    The trouble adopted, thank you!

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