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  1. Dog vomiting should first be sent to a pet hospital to find out the cause. If it is caused by small viruses such as viruses, it is necessary to treat antibiotics for the dog; if vomiting caused by gastroenteritis, you can give the dog a rigidin ; If it is vomiting caused by a cold, you can give the dog some board Blue Gen.

  2. 1. First of all, observe what it vomit is. If it is just a food that has not been completely digested, then there are several possibilities: the food is not good for digestion, too strong or too much; if it is eaten for a while and has digested food, there are these kinds of these kinds Maybe: Food is not hygienic, food is not suitable for dogs (such as milk, many substances contained in milk are unable to digest and accept the stomach of the dog, which will cause them too much gastric acid secretion) The utensils are unhygienic, dog digestion digestion There are problems in the system, too many parasites in dogs, and so on.
    2, dogs also have the habit of cleaning their own hair. When they are cleaned, they will lick some hair. Some of these hair will be excreted from the body, and some are accumulated in their stomach. It will form dog vomiting.
    3, dogs are hungry and saturated, so as long as they eat over, it will cause vomiting behavior!
    4. Other reasons: It infected with germs, such as small germs, dogs warm, temperature of dog temperature Hot, enteritis, etc.
    Reminds: You must carefully remember the time of every vomiting. If it is too frequent, then there must be a problem. It is recommended that you take it to the hospital to check it carefully. If you have a problem, treat it as soon as possible.
    What to do if dog vomiting?
    1. In the case of no improvement, the dog's stomach may have problems, acute and chronic gastroenteritis, indigestion, can cause dog vomiting and dilute, sometimes the stomach gurgling sound, and some people like to use Mommy loves people like people, but I still recommend that everyone uses pool probiotics. This kind of probiotics dedicated to dogs are relatively fast.

  3. There are many reasons for vomiting of dogs, and you can inject spitting needles first. For indigestion, sudden change of dog food, cold, viral infection, intestinal parasites, pancreatitis, renal failure, poisoning and other diseases. Different causes of different causes are different. It is recommended to go to a pet hospital to find out the cause and then choose the medication.

    It if it is changed to dog food suddenly or eats foods that are not easy to digest, such as foods with high oil and salt content, you can give dogs oral probiotics and regulate the gastrointestinal tract. Dogs have cold symptoms such as vomiting, dry nose, and runny nose, and should take cold medicine for oral pets; for viral infections such as small, canine plague, etc., in addition to vomiting, dogs will also cause dilutes, depression, and decreased appetite. Anti -virus drugs such as antibiotics, monoclonal, and interferon are used; pancreatitis mostly occurs in elderly dogs, and drugs that need to be secreted by vomiting and inhibit pancreatase are needed; chronic renal failure requires infusion to regulate electrolytes and stop vomiting. Among them, citric acid Marrowtan, Renitidine and stomach recovery are more commonly used relief drugs.
    Pet the pet owner without knowing the specific cause of the dog vomiting, it is not recommended to blindly feed the medicine, so as not to be counterproductive. Vomiting is only a clinical symptom. Eliminate the cause of vomiting.

  4. 1. Subcutaneous or muscle injection and vomiting: The medicine and usage are used, and the spitting spirit, 0.5 to 2 ml each time, 2 times a day; the stomach is rehabilitated, 10 to 20 mg each time; 0.04 ml per kilogram of weight; Ermaer, 1 to 2 ml each time, twice a day; hydrochloric acid (or compound) chloropyrazine, 1 to 2 ml per kilogram of weight, twice a day.

    2. Oral replenishment salt: If the sick dog refuses to drink itself, you can also invest in force, and you can also use the gastric pipe to invest.

    3. Varicular tonic: that is, directly supplement the body fluid through intravenous injection. This generally requires the veterinarian or veterinarian caregiver to determine what fluid, the amount and speed of the infusion, etc.

  5. Dog vomiting can choose muscle injection. The drugs you choose can be spitting spirit. You can only need to use stomach recovery twice or you can choose to use stomach. These effects are very good. In addition, you can take oral salt or use intravenously.

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