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  1. This dog
    The parasites are divided into two types of parasites and in vitro parasites. For puppies, there are many parasites that are susceptible to immunity. The following editors will summarize the dogs. The types of parasites that are susceptible to prevails in spring, in order to distinguish this parasite in order to distinguish this parasite more intuitively, there are all pictures at the end of the article.
    . Terraper
    This is the most commonly infected parasite in puppy. Beige, like rubber bands, parasitic in the intestine, absorb digestive nutrients. Most of these parasites are transmitted vertically from the mother's body, which is characterized by dysentery, vomiting, and flatulence. Therefore, puppy is best to drive worms when it is a month old. You can check whether there are worm eggs and know whether there are tapeworms in your stomach.
    The commercially available insect repellent can kill tapeworm adults, but cannot kill larvae moved in other tissues and organs in the pet. In order to better prevent tapeworm infection, puppies can be deworming at the same time before and after -child pregnancy before and after childbirth. Doing this can kill all larvae that moved in the body.
    . The tapeworm
    Thenian body is like flat noodles. There are sections, a piece of growth string, parasitic in the intestine to absorb nutrients. After each piece falls off, it will grow forward, bite the dog's intestinal wall, and slowly grow backwards. If you see a worm like a maggot in the puppy's feces. The festival gathered near the puppy's anus, making the puppy's anus itching and sitting on the ground, and the owner had to observe carefully.
    This is infected with flea as the medium, so the puppy with fleas is almost inevitable. Avoiding repeated infections of tapeworms is sometimes not easy. The first is to control the fleas of dogs and cats. There are often tapeworm eggs in the belly of the flea. The scientific method of preventing fleas is to apply exterior parasitic drugs to prevent and kill fleas every month. Regular prevention of fleas can effectively control the infection of tapeworms caused by flea as the intermediary. Because cat hunting mouse, it is necessary to control the infection of tapeworm caused by mice as an intermediary. In addition to controlling the media such as flea, it is also necessary to take the dog's parasitic drugs every 3 months to prevent intestinal parasitic infections such as tapeworms.
    three, hookworms
    parasitic in the duodenum, also known as "duodenum". The insect body is small, with fine hooks on the head, biting the intestinal wall blood, causing blood, black stool, and anemia. The ellipse oval eggs can be seen.
    The treatment of hookworms, usually develops a good habit of regular insect repellent. It is best to kill insecticides at the 4th, 6th, and 8th weeks before and after delivery. General traditional commercially available insect repellent cannot kill larvae migrated in pets, especially people with insect repellent. Due to the survival of the hookworm eggs in a wet soil, if a dog infected by the hookworm lives in a wet sediment, the dog's live place should be moved to the place where the hook -free ovation is survived to prevent re -infection. Cement or pebble ground can be kept dry, while sunlight can kill larvae.
    . The tapeworm
    is commonly known as a nematode. After the animal infects the tapeworm, it incubates in the stomach and duodenum, and finally develops into adults in the lower section of the small intestine and the large intestine. When the animals were asleep at night, the ticks climbed around the anus to lay eggs because the anus was relaxed during the day. There can be several or even dozens of tapeworms out at a time to stimulate the skin around the anus, cause itching and affect sleep.
    five, whip worms
    The small whip -shaped worms, parasitic in the cecum and large intestine, causing diarrhea. The stool test can be visible oval eggs, with small hats at both ends. This worm is currently rare. The most headache is whipped eggs. You have to do cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning. It is best to eliminate all the toys and dogs that all dogs have chewed. Change the new dog circle and leave the venoma infection. Timely application of broad -spectrum deworming drugs can avoid environmental pollution by the environment. At the same time, it can reduce the risk of people being infected
    6. Better
    It -like insect eggs like white blood cells, parasitic on small intestine mucosa and cells, causing the lower diarrhea. If the puppy is infected with this worm, you must pay attention Because in canine plague, it is also easy to merge the infection. The naked eye cannot be visible, and there are two generations of the ball bugs: the sexual generation and the unparalleled generation alternate; they are more hiding in the epithelial cells, which is very troublesome to drive, but infected after the dog's adult Quite antibodies are eliminated.
    Seven, heartworm
    The adults are like fine rice noodles, parasitic in the right ventricle and neighboring blood vessels, which are transmitted by mosquito medium. When the dog was bitten by a mosquito containing the infected worm, the worm was flowing with the blood, and finally returned to the right ventricle to grow and thrive. After seven months, he grew up into adults and began to produce small worms. He also spread throughout the body with the blood. He often lived on the liver and kidney with small blood vessels, causing serious obstacles. The more adults gathered in the right ventricle, which can reach up to 300, which not only expands the right ventricle, but also the blood of the liver cannot be completely returned to the right heart, forming hepatoblasty, followed by a large number of ascites. And too much worm bodies will also run to the lungs to form obstruction.
    This dogs are easy to tired and thin. A shallow cough, the exercise suddenly pant like a cow. Sometimes adults may also walk through the whole body, causing local thrombosis. The bodhisattva is hiding in the coronary arteries that supply the heart nutrition. It is easy to make the dog's heart unable to bear it and shock to death. The stray dog ​​currently in the wild has a infection rate of more than 30 %, that is, one of each of the three dogs is the heartworm. Fortunately, the current quarantine technology is developed, and the results can be learned in two minutes.
    . The caterpillar
    is widely parasitic in people, dogs, pigs, cats, rats and other animals, and dogs have the habit of eating animal bodies or feces. There are many opportunities to infection with dogs.
    The rimm caterpillars are parasitic in the horizontal muscles, especially the large amount of activity and intercostal muscles. Adults mate in the intestine, and the larvae produced through the intestinal lymphatic pipe into the thoracic pipe to the right heart, then turn into the body circulation through the lungs, and flow to the whole body with blood (at this time the 12-30 days after the infection). Only larvae in the muscles can develop and grow. There is a pack of bags around, and the insects are curled in it. Cycum larvae can live in muscle for several years to 25 years. The dog ate the corpse containing the larvae, and the bag was dissolved in the stomach. The larvae released into adults in the duodenum and empty intestine. The key is to pay attention to the infection link and understand the harm of contact between people and animals. Do a good job of hygiene, destroy the mouse, and burn the corpse or buried deeply. It is forbidden to abandon animal corpses and internal organs at will.
    . Tie -shaped insect disease
    Hutch -shaped worm disease is a parasitic disease that is commonly affected by people, animals and wild animals (more than 40) caused by Gong Di Gong Dingworm. Gow -shaped insect parasites are parasitic in the host of the host. The host is a cat, and the middle host is various animals. Sexual reproduction is performed in the cat body to form spores and oval. Ovular sacs are discharged from the in vitro pollution environment with cat feces. Under appropriate conditions, ovaries are infectious. After being swallowed by the middle food owner in the middle, the body spores were relaxed in the intestine, invading blood flow, and then distributed to the whole body (especially lymph mesh tissue), drilled into the cells for cracks, destroying cells, destroying cells And severe disease.
    Chronic cases, formation of cystic worm body in the brain, muscle, retina, lung, liver, kidney, etc. In addition to gastrointestinal infections, Toxoplasma can also invade the nose, eyes, respiratory tracts, skin, embryos and other channels into the body of carnivorous animals and omn -eating animals; the meat, internal organs, blood, and exudate liquid of the diseased dogs and worms (such as ascites (such as ascites such as ascites (such as ascites such as ascites ), Excreta, milk and abortion fetus, placenta and other objects with bow -shaped worms; various insects can also spread the disease.
    . Ten mites
    The chigger mite disease is a common skin disease of dogs caused by chigger mites (a kind of exogenous parasitic). Chili mites are a kind of limb animal. It drilled into the owner's skin epidermal tunnel, and the worm body grows and reproduces. There are small holes in the tunnel, which uses oxygen and for larvae; larvae also drill into the skin and excavate small holes. Its development process includes four stages: eggs, larvae, nymph and adults, and the entire process is 8--22 days.
    eleven, creep disease
    The creep mite disease is also a common skin disease in dogs, mostly puppies at the age of 5 to June. The creep mites are named after the body is slender, and it is named after worms. It parasitizes the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin, from spawning to eggs to develop larvae or even adults. The disease is contacted by health dogs and sick dogs. Healthy puppies often have this mites. When the body's resistance is reduced (caused by various reasons) or the skin is inflamed or the skin is often soaked in the skin, it can invade and reproduce a large number of breeding.
    . Twelve, lice
    This dogs are mainly blood lice and hair lice. The blood lice length is 1--5 mm, the head is narrow, and the body is cone-shaped. It mainly absorbs blood; the hair lice are mainly used for hair and dander, 0.5--10 mm long, and the head is wide than the chest. Vampire parasites cause itching, uneasiness, sometimes small bleeding points, small nodules, and even purulent.
    3. Flea
    Flea is a kind of parasitic vampire insect, which causes itching of dogs. The flea is existed in dust, ground seams and grass. Because the fleas are not developing on the dog's body, as long as the livestock house is kept clean, the ground is sprinkled with a little to Su Er, and the bedding often sun can prevent the occurrence. For flea disease, prevention and treatment are equally important. Some commercially available flea drugs can kill the flea adults, but the flea eggs have strong drug resistance. In addition to paying attention to the hygiene of dogs, it is necessary to regularly apply external parasitic drugs for prevention. Because fleas will have anti -drug resistance to some killer drugs, some products currently sold in China have reported anti -drug reports.
    It fourteen, hard
    The hard -hoe is a blood -sucking limb animal, parasitic on the body of the dog, mechanically damaged the skin, causing itching, anxiety, and the sick dog bite and rub. Female sapped blood, about 0.4 ml at a time. Anemia can cause anemia. The important problem is that 蜱 can infect diseases or as the middle host causes dogs to suffer from certain parasitic diseases.
    It hard mate mats on the animal surface. After the mating, the female cricket was full of blood, climbing to the gap between the ground or the soil block, and the eggs were spawning 4--8. The eggs hatch larvae after one month. The larvae crawled to the dog again to suck blood; after being full, they landed and turned into nymphs. Narcus is more blood -sucking, and it has matured more than ten days. After the adult is full of blood, the body becomes round, purple and black, and the swelling is dozens of times and hundreds of times. For the treatment and prevention of rigidity, we must first ensure the hygiene in the living environment of dogs. Pay more attention to whether the dog's skin is infected in the spring and summer seasons. Some commercially available drugs for killing and killing are not ideal for the prevention and killing effect.


    Thow of toxoplasma adult under a microscope


    The balls under the fiber mirror

    iconic mites


    Rotary caterpillar larvae

  2. The common in vitro parasites of dogs and cats include flea, lice, tapeworms, ear mites, creep mites, chiggons; Essence Dogs will be infected with fleas, lice, and tapeworms when they go out every day, and cats who do not go out at the same time may also be infected, because the soles and pants feet we go home may bring them back. The transmission pathway of the heartworm is mosquito bites, which is really invincible. Parasitic infection is very close to us. Once unfortunately recruiting, the baby may have symptoms such as itching, skin ulcer, loss of appetite, and soft stool. Even the most inconspicuous flea infection will cause anemia, malnutrition, and even dangerous life. At present, there are many safe and mature parasitic drugs on the market, such as Avinin, pyraryonone, and alteridazole. Rather than spend a lot of cost and energy to treat it, it is better to do a good job in advance, timely deworming, saving time and money.

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer The heartbormitic heart silk disease is caused by large tapeworms. The parasitic is mainly existed in the blood vessels and hearts of the lungs. Propagate through mosquitoes. There may be no symptoms at the beginning of the dog infected with the infected heartworm, but with the development of the condition, it is fatal. Dogs may cough and blood, exhausted because of a little exercise, and severely decreased weight. Although it sounds terrible, the heartworm is easy to prevent, and the owner remember to remove the dog regularly. Because the physiological structure is different, even if the larvae of the dog -hearted insects enter the human body, it is difficult to survive, so the owner does not have to worry too much. 11 kinds of dogs are common parasites. Do dogs like such bugs like this? The owner remembers regular deworming 2. Flea and flea are probably a parasite that makes many owners feel furious. There is no method or pesticide, which can completely eradicate the problem of flea. The life cycle of the flea is quite complicated, so it is easier to get rid of them after understanding. Flea can cause flea allergic dermatitis and cause itching and skin infection of dogs. Flea is also a carrier of tapeworm eggs, and the dog will be infected by tapeworms after eating fleas. When the owner can find fleas on the dog, the family may have occupied the flea. At this time, in addition to driving the dog, it must be cleaned at home to completely extinct the flea. 11 kinds of dogs are common parasites. Do dogs like such bugs like this? The owner remembers regular deworming 3. The dogs who play in the grass or the dogs that are rushing around the tree are very likely to cause tapeworms. The discovery and removal of 重要 is very important, because 蜱 requires some time to spread the relevant diseases to the host. The diseases spreading to the dog include Lym disease, Babas insect disease, Balttoma, and Ellitic disease. 11 kinds of dogs are common parasites. Do dogs like such bugs like this? The owner remembers regular deworming 4. Ear mites and ear mites are small parasites in the ear canal. The hair of the ears is relatively long, and the dogs with folding ears are more likely to be infected, because their ear canal is not ventilated and is an excellent living environment. Ear mites can cause severe inflammation and itching. Dogs may keep shaking their heads and scratch their ears. The dog's ears have hard skin or wax secretions like coffee residue. Pet doctor can diagnose ear mites and give one -time or repeated treatment. Don't worry, ear mites will not bother the owner. 11 kinds of dogs are common parasites. Do dogs like such bugs like this? The owner remembers deworming regularly

  4. The parasites of dogs can be divided into two types: parasites and in vitro parasites. The owner can prevent parasitic infection by regularly to remove insect deworming the dog. Parasites in the body include tapeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, toxoplasma, crotchworms, and heartworms. The puppies usually have to regularly do deworming in the body from 3 months. After adulthood, regular insect repellent is made every 3 to 4 months to avoid the amount of insects that have been leaked. Weight feeding is generally described in the instructions of insect repellent. In vitro parasites are: flea, lice, tapeworms, ticks, etc. In vitro parasites are mainly infected by the grass, feces, and other dogs that have been contacted when they go out. Avoid parasitic infections. You can choose some pet deworming supplies. Dogs have a collar of insect repellent, and you can also use pets and spray to repel the dog after returning to the dog after returning.

  5. If dogs are generally in their bodies, there may be some tapeworms, tapeworms, whip worms, hookworms, worms, tapeworms, trichomonas, and heartworms. The in vitro is generally flea, lice, tapeworms, mites. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly do insect repellent in the body and external body to avoid parasitic infection and endanger dog health!

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