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  1. 1. Describes the good words of dogs to describe the good words of the dog:
    It, flexible, fat, lazy, furry, gentle, four -hoof's style, greedy sleep, head -on -head, dog fighting people
    Quick horse and whip, old horse knowing, tall and strong, shaking their heads, lively and cute, leaping, welcoming the wind n foraging, gorgeous, fluttering, silver gray, peacock screen, report, flying, cute, small, clumsy clumsy clumsy clumsy
    , black oil, beef fat, tall, naughty, funny, dexterous, sensitive
    The good sentence describing dogs:
    1. When it comes to dudu, it is really loved. Dudu is fun when sleeping. Sometimes it is facing the sky, like a falling onion, closing the front leg, holding a big belly, drumming, and slowly entering the dreamland; when naughty, your feet are closed and extended. Groke up under the body, sleep, and the little tongue is exposed; when you are angry, hold your feet with four feet, curl up, roll into a chocolate small ball, roll around Essence I couldn't help but wanted to pick it up and pat it gently.
    2. A pair of watery eyes, a black and black nose, whenever a stranger comes, he smells his shoes, a pair of long ears. This is the name of my yellow dog in my uncle's house.
    3. If the little black dog is happy, it can be gentle and gentle than anyone else: jump directly on you, hold your head with your head; lay your body back, ask you to tickle it; or in When you draw, you jump on the table and step on a few little plum blossoms on the drawing paper. This is based on its joy. If he was unhappy, he ignored it, no matter who was affectionate with it.
    4. The temperament of puppy dogs is docile and human. I have been with it for a long time, and I have feelings. It seems to understand me very much. Whenever I am angry, it squats quietly and does not move, and seems to want to spend the sad time with me; when I am happy, it will run around me, "Wang Wang Wang Wang called ", very flattering.
    5. Every time the puppy see me coming back, I ran to me joyfully. In front of me, I kept it around, scratched you with its front paws, and hummed coquettish. So even if I am tired, I will smile happily. Sometimes it is very fierce. As long as you see a stranger coming in, you must open your teeth and bark. Even if someone passed by outside the yard, he had to catch up with the fox fake tiger. Its temper is very gentle and dear, even if you just reprimand or even hit it, it will not remember your hatred. As long as you call it, you will rush to you with joy. So I ca n’t bear to hurt it, and I always treat it well.
    . [Heric sentences describing small animals 999 points] 2) The big mouth of the golden monkey is very prominent, the lips are very thin, and it is really interesting to eat something.蹬 Lightly kicking back, just like a small steamboat, swimming forward steadily .4) When the duckling walked, he always held his chest, patted his wings, and walked on the ground. The parcel is glowing, as if it is boasting of himself .5) The little swallow's black and bright feathers seemed to apply oil, and the white belly was like wearing a white shirt. 6) When the swallow was flying, that's beautiful. The narrow wings, the tail of the fork, are painted by the highest painter, no posture is not beautiful .7) There is a circle of beige fluff on the neck of the parrot, like wearing a beautiful neck cover .8 ) Huang Yan's nest is very delicate, built on the tall broad -leaf tree, shaped like a deep cup, hanging on the horizontal branches of the treetops, just like a cradle, but it is very solid. Encouraging both wings to glide in the air, sometimes with the ascending air flow in the valley for a long time, the wings are sliding. From a distance, it looks like a cruise aircraft. 10) Falcon flutter a pair of big wings, caught up like arrows Rabbit, it stared at the rabbit, suddenly, smashed like a stone.
    3. A good word describing the puppy's composition. My family has a puppy. Its name is "Wang Wang". Its hair is very dark and dark. Its tail is often rolled up like a small black circle. , Its black pearl -sized eyes, its footprints are like plum blossoms, and its teeth are sharp, like small mountains. When it sleeps, its ears are close to the ground.
    . Its personality is a bit weird. It is good to say that it is good. Sometimes it will find a warm place to sleep, carefree, freedom, nothing but not asking, but if you want to go out and play, you will leave for a day for a day. One night, let me call it, it doesn't come back. Say it playful, but how due to it, as long as someone walks outside the door, it will scream "Wang Wang" until the owner hear it.
    I got along well with it. As long as I saw me carrying a schoolbag, it kept turning around my side, as if I was saying, "Little master, don't go, don't go, play with me for a while for a while ! "Go home from school, and the dog at the door has shook his tail at the gate to welcome me. I often bite my trousers when I went out.
    If you see a bone, it runs quickly like Liu Xiang at the Olympic Games, bite the bone back and runs back in the yard to prevent the puppy from grabbing its bones. Later, when I ran out of the yard again, I would breathe, stretching out my tongue, and flowing from the tongue.
    . As long as it meets an acquaintance, it will shake the tail like a little girl braid. If you see a stranger, it will make a "Wangwang" call.
    The food it eats include: bone, fishbone, ham sausage, fish balls and other foods. I just put the food on the ground, and it ate it. After eating it, if anyone gave it, it would shake his tail to show that you are good for it.
    This is the puppy of our family. This is the puppy that is playful, obedient, and cute, that is, it makes me learn and play happily, and it is very happy. By happy every day and every year.
    4. The good word describes the dog's good sentence 1. This puppy has two pearl -like black eyes and a wet nose. In a large mouth, the red tongue often extends out of the red tongue. .2. The snow -white mane of the lion dog covered the whole body and covered the small face. It looked like a small sheep. 3. Its tail with a tail. The one who lives is to say to you: Hello, hello, hello. "4. The dog was close to his feet, looking at him with a pleasant expression with bright eyes .5. Its legs were short, when running步子又快又小,尾巴一翘一翘的,很有趣.6. 一只毛茸茸的小狗,象绒球似的从草垛旁边蹦了出来.7. 一条大黑狗蹿了出来,带着The hostileness is full of sharp white teeth barking more than .8. Stroking it, it stretched out his tongue to lick your hand and draw a circle on its head. After being scolded, obediently lying on the ground, squinting his eyes, shaking his tail, but when the owner left, it jumped up again. With snow -white hair, I touched softly, like wearing a clean white sweater; a pair of big eyes turned straight, like two black gems; Wet, the sharp tail is very flexible, and often shakes left and right, but if you hurt the little white dog, it will be called "Wang Wang", and the tail is also sandwiched between your legs. It is a bit like a book saying. "Escape from the tail" is also very interesting to sleep.
    When the weather is warm, the little white dog loves lying on the ground to sleep, the front foot stretches forward, the hind legs are extended backwards, or they are facing around. Lying comfortably in the same direction. In winter, the little white dog is afraid of cold. It bury his head tightly between his legs and sleeps with a body. Sleep, the stomach is drumming with his breath. Xiaobai Dog feels awake and will stretch his waist. It stretches the forefoot for a long time, takes a breath, and arches the body. n The golden hair of that puppy is shiny, like a piece of oil just rubbed.
    The naive and lovely lion dog, the little black tail swing, like a rolling little velvet Ball.
    The little black dog, a black black hair, is like black satin, bright and smooth; small white claws, like 4 plum blossoms; the small tail of the sloppy small tail is always leisurely. Swing up in a stop.
    The black dog does not roar, like a very samurai, majestic and old, squatting there without moving. nThe alertness of the puppy is extraordinary. It has a particularly sensitive nose that can smell the breath of things outside 3 miles. When eating food, it must lower the head and smell it. Hearing a special sound, its ears will always be erected, listening to the movement outside carefully! Therefore, people raise it to look at the door, it is human loyalty friend.
    The puppy has a wide and large mouth, and there is a row of white and sharp teeth in the mouth. It can bite a big mouse in one bite!
    The puppy has a healthy limbs. It runs very fast. You can run two or three miles in one minute!
    The eyes of the puppy are not very good, you can only look at the distance of one mile. So why can it see things? It mainly depends on its nose.
    The paw puppy's claws are very sharp. Without a long time, it can dig a large round pit.
    When the puppy was born, the hair was brown, but when it grew up, it was no longer brown, but it became dark yellow.
    The child's personality is very mild. If you are good to it, it will use your legs over your head, as if you are coquettishly; but if it is a stranger coming to its home, it will still be "Wang Wang" kept " Bite you on your body.
    The expression when you are happy:
    This to swing your tail hard and jump towards a high place. This is the most common way of expression. Sometimes the dog also "laughs", manifested as wrinkles on the nose, pulled the upper lip, exposed the teeth, the eyes are slightly closed, the eyes are gentle, the ears are stretched back, the mouth is open gently, the nose hums, the body is body, the body is physical, the body is physical, the body is physical, the body is physical, the body is physical, the body is physical, the body is physical, the body is physical, the body is physical, and the body is physical. Slenderly twisted, the whole body was smooth, and the tail was lightly swinging, close to people.
    The expression of anger:
    The face expression is almost the same as when the face of the dog is almost the same as "laugh". The eyes were sharp and the ears straightened in the backward direction. Generally, the mouth does not open, a threatening sound, stomping hard, the body is rigid, the hair is erected, and the tail is steep or straight, maintaining a certain distance from people. If the front limbs are down and sit back, it indicates that you are about to launch an attack on you.
    The expression when fear:
    The tail drooping or pinching on both legs, the ears are stretched back, the whole body is erect, his eyes are open, his body is trembling, his limbs are motionlessly moved, and the limbs are restlessly. Or retreat.
    The expression when sadness:
    This head hangs down, his eyes have no light, closer to the owner, and look at the owner with the eyes of begging, sometimes lying on the corner, becoming extremely quiet.
    6. The good words describing pets and hot umbrellas in the air are high in the air. The tongue was panting endlessly.
    The puppy is golden yellow hair, shiny, as if it has just been rubbed.
    The naive and lovely lion dog, the little black tail swing, like a rolling small velvet ball.
    The little black dog, a black black hair, is like black satin, bright and smooth; the white claws, like 4 plum blossoms; the small tail of the sloppy small tail, always leisurely Shake.
    The black dog does not roar or screams, like a samurai with a very majestic and old practice, squatting there without moving, and the pornographic long hair on the chest.
    The shouting sound is not as weak as the cat's Mimi sound, and it is not as horrible as the tiger's cry, but full of breath, making people feel majestic and concise.
    The spiritual shaking and gobbles, panic, panic, which is loved and loved, excited, I wonder if you are afraid of fear, you will be free and careless. Slowly and leisurely, the wind and the clouds, and the clouds are all beside me. If no one is in love, it is loved and pity, pity, white, flawless, and intimate figure. Ignore the fat head, big ears, dark ears, dark oil, loyalty and heart, and shaking their heads and shaking their heads and shaking their heads. puppy. It looks cute.
    This puppy has black eyes and a pair of big ears, which looks funny
    . The hair color on it is black and white, but the tail and paws are pure white. The small tail of the white
    usually shakes and swings. White socks are very popular.
    The puppy likes the food I give it very much, and always feel satisfied when eating.
    Sometimes it likes to hold my shoes and play, and find a place to sleep when you are tired.
    After waking up, it likes to find me in Zhangzhang and let me play with it.
    I like this cute puppy, it has become my best partner.

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