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  1. Then I will explain the pet consignment in detail in detail.
    The petty consignment roughly three directions, train consignment, aircraft consignment, and private consignment.
    The main talk about how to handle the train consignment.
    In the following things:
    1. Cat vaccine book (after 21 days of rabies)
    2. The box
    Clashing with the train station to ask if there is a luggage compartment to take the pets that you want to take.
    In the above, don't relax, the painful experience tells me that I must go to the station three hours in advance! Intersection
    Because China Railway Express may be closed in advance.
    I I had two hours in advance, but I missed it. I stood at the closed roller door at 9:30 in the morning and fell into thought.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am the Chen family, I will answer your question, please do not end the question. I am answering you, thank you for your patience and waitn1. For aviation consignment, first issue three related certificates to animal hospitals, animal and plant quarantine units (or agricultural bureau animal husbandry centers): animal immunoaged certificates, transportation equipment disinfection certificates (air boxes or homemade animal cage disinfection certificates), and animal quarantine certificates. Then go to the airline's freight department to complete the consignment procedure and pay the delivery. When you reach your destination, the other party can withdraw with an ID card.n2. Methods for pets to be shipped outside: The owner can entrust a pet -checked pet consignment company to transport pets to the designated place. Both planes and trains can handle pet consignment. The plane needs to apply for a pet's health certificate. When buying a ticket, it is explained to the airline. The train procedures should be handled at the platform service center.n3. The consignee must have the ID card to pick up the goods. The dog's consignment requires a good constitution. Do not feed before checking. You can drink a small amount of water. After the defecation is clean, you do n’t need anesthesia or other ways. EssencenMore 2nBleak

  3. Pet dogs can take the form of railway consignment or aviation consignment in other places.
    The distance is relatively close. If it belongs to the province or neighbor province, it is recommended that you use railway transportation; because railway transportation is relatively affordable and safe and stable.
    This consignment is a special bank. If the conventional freight is lost, it can always be found; even if it is lost, the loss is not large, and if the pet is missing or accidentally died, the fault of the loss of life cannot be recovered, and the loss cannot Site.
    The place is relatively far away, or if the dog is in an early age and has to run around for a long time, then it is best to choose aviation transportation. Although aviation transportation is more expensive, its environment is better than railway transportation, and the review standards are strict, so the safety of puppies for aviation consignment will increase greatly.
    It air consignment first go to animal hospitals, animal and plant quarantine units (or agricultural bureau animal husbandry centers) to issue three related certificates: animal immunization certification, transportation equipment disinfection certificate (aviation box or homemade animal cage disinfection certificate), animal quarantine) prove. Then go to the airline freight department to check the check -in procedures and pay the goods. You can get the other party's ID card extraction.

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