4 thoughts on “Today, I received a call from the Bank of Ningbo 95574 and said that credit loans are true?”

  1. 95574 is the national unified customer service hotline of Bank of Ningbo. But this is a routine, don't apply for a mess.

    M many banks now sell loan business through various channels, such as sending text messages and calling. Everyone should know that many banks will indeed use calls to sell loans, credit cards, insurance and other businesses. Among them, Ping An Bank is the most, but other banks will also adopt this way to sell, such as Ningbo will also do this.

    usually receiving a call from Bank of Ningbo to say that the loan is invited to apply for a direct loan of Ningbo Bank. This is a consumer credit loan. There is no need to mortgage guarantee. The maximum amount is 200,000. It is effective for 3 years of credit. It is 20 years old to 50 years old. The credit is good. If you receive a call, it means that it is a whitelist of Ningbo Bank, but if you agree to apply for direct loans on the phone, you may not be able to succeed. In the end There will be SMS reminders at that time.

    The remind everyone that Bank of Ningbo will also check the loan, and the bank loans have strict requirements on credit reporting, such as black households, or the current overdue, credit reporting is too expensive. Basic difficulty passes. It is best to understand your credit conditions and then decide whether to agree to the loan, so as not to be refused to add a query record for loan approval.

    The expansion information:

    . Definition: Personal credit reporting refers to the collection and processing of personal credit information established in accordance with the law, and provides personal credit information and provided according to user requirements. Personal credit information query and evaluation service activities.

    The personal credit report is the information collected according to law, processed and sorted in accordance with the law. Finally, the personal credit historical record provided by the legal information inquire in accordance with the law. As of 2015, the database included a total of 870 million people, of which 370 million were credit records.
    . Function: Credit reports are currently mainly used for various consumer credit business of banks.

    In the continuous improvement of the social credit system, credit reports will be more widely used in various commercial sales, credit transactions and recruitment jobs. In addition, the personal credit report also provides the inquirer himself with a way to review and standardize his credit historical behavior, and formed a verification mechanism for personal credit information.

    . The main factors that may affect personal credit risk scores are: there was an overdue repayment phenomenon in the loan, or the credit card was not replaced according to the agreed time limit and the repayment quota, or there were too much or too many Loan accounts and credit cards and so on.

    . Credit information:
    1. According to the personal basic information of identifying personal identity and reflecting personal families and occupations;
    2. Individual and financial institutions or housing provident fund management centers Personal credit information formed by institutions with credit relationships;
    3. Personal purchase and payment information formed by individuals and business institutions and public business service institutions; 2. Public record information related to personal credit formed by judicial organs in the process of exercising their powers; 5. Other information related to personal credit.

    The new personal credit reporting in May 2019 will be officially launched, and the duration and fineness of credit information information will be further improved. On September 30, 2021, the "Administrative Measures for Credit Creditions" was reviewed and approved by the 9th Affairs Conference of the People's Bank of China on September 17, 2021. It is now released and implemented from January 1, 2022.

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