1 thought on “How to deal with malicious slander companies' reputation law”

  1. Legal analysis: The infringer was sued to the court.
    The legal basis: The Code of the People's Republic of China
    It 1,024 Civil subjects have the right to reputation. No organization or individual shall infringe the reputation of others in an insult or slander. The reputation is the social evaluation of the morality, prestige, talents, and credit of civil subjects.
    It 1025 Actions to implement news reports and public opinion supervision and other behaviors for public interests, which affects the reputation of others and do not bear civil liability, except for one of the following situations: (1) fabrication and distorted. Facts; (2) The serious and true content provided by others has not been fully verified by reason; (3) use insulting words and other people to degrade the reputation of others.

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