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  1. There are a lot of dogs. It is difficult to identify all dogs, but we can first know several common dogs. Operation method
    Corgi is a famous short leg, short feet long body. Although it is a small dog, it is bold and healthy. It is also very docile.

    Samoyed has the title of "smile angel". Generally, the color is white, and some Samoyed has light brown, cheese color, and light brown. Samoyed's ears are upright and thick, with triangle. Samoyed is docile, noble, elegant, and friendly.

    Pamer is small and cute, short -back, active, white and brown hair, and the hair is soft and dense. Bomei is loyal and friendly, full of vitality. Bowome does not lose hair, there is no heavy stench, but the cry is a bit sharp.

    Golden hair
    Golden hair is a large dog, which is well -known docile, well -behaved, machine police, friendly. Golden Mao was the earliest type of hunting dogs, and most of them are now used as guide dogs and pet dogs. The golden retriever is well -proportioned, the legs are neither long nor clumsy, and the tail hair is long and beautiful.

    Husky is also called Siberian sled dog, a medium -sized dog. Husky looks similar to the wolf. The tail is very similar to the fox tail. Their hair is thicker than most dog breeds. Husky's typical personality is friendly, gentle, and alert.

    teddy is a cosmetic method for poodles and a small dog. Teddy looks like a cloth doll. The color of the hair is white, gray, brown -red, champagne, black, etc. Teddy is smarter, lively, elegant, and docile.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThere are three ways to answer. First, mobile phone Baidu search for dog variety, compare comparison, but some pictures on the Internet may not be accurate. Second, go to a nearby pet hospital or pet beauty shop to find professionals to ask. Generally, this method is the most accurate, and it is recommended to take it. Third, ask the people who know around or ask the dog vendors directly, but also get the results, but the accuracy is not necessarily highnQuestionnnCan you see what dog is this?nAnswer the border shepherd!nDo you ask this dog?nAnswer adult border animal husbandry is about 12kg and his height is about 45cm. Bian Mu is medium size in dogs, and the body size is proportional. The chest is deep and the width is moderate. The forelimb bones are developed and parallel to each other. The ankle is slightly tilted. After an adult, he is about 43-53cm tall, and weighs about 14-22kg between 14-22kgn5 morenBleak

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