2 thoughts on “What should I do if the dog does not eat?”

  1. First, the reasons for the dogs do not eat
    1. Is the dog lying on the ground and do not want to move. Check if the dog has a snot and a cold and sick. This is also a big relationship. In addition, if you have eaters, if you have eaten it before, you can consider this reason.
    2, the parasites are caused by the parasites. If you eat well before, you will have a bad appetite, and there is a situation of rigid or thinning back. The possibility of parasites is very likely. Dogs that often eat cold meat foods are particularly prone to parasites. It is recommended to remove deworming regularly.
    3, anorexia caused by some diseases, most of the diseases, including infectious diseases, will cause less and less, and then slowly eat anything. In this case, there are generally some other symptoms. It depends on the situation. In severe cases, you need to go to the hospital to infusion.

    . The solution of the dog does not eat
    1. If it is a bitch, observe whether it is the dog's estrus period, as long as you persist for a few days, it will be fine.
    2. Maybe you are bored at home and do not want to eat. If this is the case, you can increase the amount of exercise of the dog and exercise your physical fitness dogs to provide some toys at home to play exercise. Large dogs It is necessary to go outdoors often, such as walking dogs, not only to increase the appetite of the dog, but also reduce the weight of the dog. Let him run at least 5-10 kilometers a day, walking dogs is a good way.
    3, the weather becomes hot, or the food is single for a long time, which causes the dog's gastrointestinal motility to move slowly and have a bad appetite. This kind of normal situation. In this regard, give the dog a good probiotics, mix old yogurt to help the dog recover the appetite of good food. Remember to be rich in food, do not eat a dog food alone.

    4. If the dog does not eat for a long time, and it is accompanied by abnormal conditions such as fever, it may get diseases such as "small" and "canine plague". You can buy canine plague or small test strip test. If I really have a canine plague. If you have the injection conditions, you can use the monoclonal antibody of the dog plague virus virus. If you do not know the injection, it is best not to take the medicine privately. Take the dog to see the doctor as soon as possible.

  2. There will be such problems in the process of puppies. At this time, you have tested your ability, that is, skills. Usually pay attention to the dog's diet that is easy to digest and absorb, such as the special grain of Baolu puppies, rich in grains and vegetables, etc. The dog eats well.

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